Chronology: Titles

2007:  Rogue Moons (Picaro Press)

2006:  The Star of Engelmeer (Picaro Press)

2005:  The Cave in the Sky:  Poems at Eighty (Picaro Press)

2005:  The Brown Island and Other Poems (Picaro Press)

2002:  Poems for America:  New Poems 2002 (Interactive Press)

2002:  After the First Great War:  A Southerly Ballad, Third Issue, Southerly Sydney.

1999:  The Fight for Sydney:  A Southerly Memoir, Sixtieth Anniversary Issue, Southerly, Sydney.

1996:  The Ebony Gates:  New and Wayside Poems (Central Queensland University Press)

1994:  David Rowbotham 1945-1993:  Penguin Book of New and Selected Poems (Penguin Books Australia).

1994:  Honey Licked from a Thorn in David Rowbotham: 1945-1993 (Penguin Book of New and Selected Poems).

1992:  Poems on Camera (Nat. Sound and Film Archive).

1980:  Maydays (University of Queensland Press) poems.

1976:  Selected Poems 1975 (University of Queensland Press).

1976:  Mighty Like A Harp, new poems in Selected Poems 1975 (University of Queensland Press).

1971:  The Pen of Feathers (Angus & Robertson) poems.

1970:  The Makers of the Ark (Angus & Robertson) poems.

1967:  Bungalow And Hurricane (Angus & Robertson) poems

1964:  Brisbane, a monograph (University of Sydney).

1964:  The Man in the Jungle (Angus & Robertson) novel.

1964:  All the Room (Jacaranda Press) poems.

1958:  Inland (Angus & Robertson) poems.

1965:  Town and City:  Tales and Sketches (Angus & Robertson) short stories;

1955:  The White Cottage, a story, Sydney Bulletin.

1954:  Ploughman and Poet (Lyre Bird Writers), poems.


2007: Best Australian Poems 2007 ed. Peter Rose (Black Inc, Melbourne) “All Wars”

2006: The Best Australian Poems 2006 ed. Dorothy Porter (Black Inc, Melbourne) “The Precipitous City of Tea”.

2004: The Best Australian Poems 2004 ed. Les Murray (Black Inc, Melbourne)

2003: Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets rf.  Geoff Page (Indigo Press, ACT) “The Day of Singing Bells”.


By the Mississippi Dreaming & Death at Maiden Rock:  A Storybook

Memoirs at 80:  When the Town was Motherland  DVD Disks (1) Poetry Readings 1960s prepared; (2) DVD Disk 1980s prepared.


Unpublished work with National Library of Australia

Working lifetime of Diaries, Scrapbooks, Correspondence, Drafts and Other Papers, held by National Library of Australia.

Journal & Diaries (4 volumes)

A Garrison of Gargoyles:  The Brisbane Memoir

By the Mississippi Dreaming & Death at Maiden Rock:  The Mississippi Memoir

Memoirs at 80:  When the Town was Motherland:  The Toowoomba Memoir

Uncollected Poems


They were better than the bosses

who begged their way to the top.

In the dives of profits and losses

they served the worst of the crop,

and kept their faith to the end:

Don’t climb when it means descend.

–The Australian

Mayday Accepted by the Australian September 2007, following successful reading of “All Wars” at Parliament House Red Chamer, Brisbane Writers’ Festival, Friday 14 September 2007, with panel of readers covering John Tranter, David Rowbotham, Paul Durcan, Dorothy Porter, David Malouf.