David Rowbotham

Throw thanksgiving at the stars,
knock on a univese of doors;
for a while I saw the world again.

I saw the sunshine and the wind,
I saw the eucalypt and rose,
I saw my arms reach out for yours,
I saw the day and night begin.

I saw the bird beside the song,
I saw swift laughter skip and swing
in the playground where happiness grows,
I saw the rainbow of the young -

and my cold weathers on wood and glass,
and windows of loaves that I may choose,
and the ascent to shuffling shoes.

I saw your beauty combed by age,
the capital print of a fading page,
the face of passion that speech can forge,
the gutter that leads to the flowing gorge,
and the step that ends were a house falls in.

For a while I saw the world again.

For a while I saw that I would be:
a hurricane in the leopard tree.