First Man Lost in Space

David Rowbotham

I took in death
with your goodbye.
What then have I
to fear of death?

I live with death
as with a star.
It isn’t far
to go with death
when death, the fear
that floats the earth,
stars empty forth.
The earth dies here,
the seas, not I.
I mourn the earth.
And I mourn death
its birth goodbye.

You buried me
with one red roar.
Don’t grieve more
the given. See,
as I see now,
the atom’s urn
in which you turn
the seaborne prow
and craft of earth
about, for fear,
in seas of death,
so empty here . . .

What is it bears
my craft to birth,
my ark of earth
away from yours? -
the thing I seem,
the time I have,
the light you gave,
the launch of dream.
And a great star
is standing by.
I have gone through
the kingdom’s eye.

I go before -
before gods grew,
to where none knew
creation, nor,
trailing the plume
of ice and fire,
the rose desire.
Another bloom
shall summon me,
shall save us all,
and the past be
perpetual …