Eureka in St Paul

It was the day
that I drove on by,
pretending not
to have seen you
in the city of Scott
Fitzgerald and Great
Gatsby: Eureka
in St Paul. Be quicker
said cathedral in
the candle, forsaker
said the shroud of Turin.

They found each other
and found departure
on unbearable altars:
by being together
where the parable is
the sacrifice of both.
Two churches spoke the truth.
To the shouted parody
of a passion play,
the candle went out.

Till the day
that I drove on by,
never were we cold,
and never did we die.

When the floods came
and filled the falls,
suddenly there heaved
a miracle’s rebirth;
water lived.
Water lived on earth.

Its force contained you,
as our arms together
in a wilderness did,
when our one purpose was
somehow to be warm.

* Eureka: When Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940), after a night of scribble and coffee in his room in his hometown of St Paul, found the right ending for his novel “The Great Gatsby”, he rushed into the street shouting “Eureka!”. It was found and finished.
* St Paul: capital of Minnesota, twin city of Minneapolis, and seat of a Roman Catholic archdiocese since 1888. Its metropolitan cathedral grew from the log chapel of St Paul. Fitzgerald was raised a Catholic.