My American Grandsons

- America, who speaks? -

Go out and watch
the sun set
and tell me what
you think.
Do you speak of much
or fatal pain,
or, flinching, let
all speech abstain
from speech?

Kissed goodnight,
not wholly worn,
the wonder-sight
of first sunset
curls up in bed,
day in a bloom,
and breathes in this room –
America my grandsons’
manger said.

Go out and watch,
and tell me what
we came to be:
Too much
for a world to judge,
there was pain,
sail red,
and a baleful age
beyond the sea.

* American Grandsons: Two of my grandsons were born in America while their mother was doing postgraduate research in medicine at the Mayo Clinic. All grandsons today are American-minded.