Literary Criticism by David Rowbotham

LITERARY CRITICISM (Book Reviews) by David Rowbotham, 1947-1987

Songs of the East Coast, Val Vallis (Semper Floreat, Univ.Qld, 1947)
Great South Land, Rex Ingamells (Honi Soit, Univ.Syd, 1951?)
No Fixed Address & A Need of Similar Name, Bruce Dawe (Poetry Australia, 1966)
Time on Fire, Thomas Shapcott (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1961)
White Stag of Exile, Thomas Shapcott (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1984)
The Eye of the Storm, Patrick White (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1973)
Gossip from the Forest, Thomas Keneally (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1975)
Schindler’s Ark, Thomas Keneally (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1982)
Johnno, David Malouf (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1975)
Child’s Play & Fly Away Peter, David Malouf (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1981)
1915, Roger McDonald (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1979)
Slipstream, Roger McDonald (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1982)
Penniless till Doomsday, Rodney Hall (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1962)
Birds, Judith Wright (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1962)
My Brother Jack, George Johnstone (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1964)
Heatwave in Berlin, Dymphna Cusack (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1961)
Selected Poems, John Blight (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1976)
Queensland Artists, ed. Various (Sydney Morning Herald, 1968)
>>From Odessa to Odessa, Judah Waten (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1970)
Water Under the Bridge, Sumner Locke Elliott (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1977)
The World is Made of Glass, Morris West (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1983)
A Salute to the Great McCarthy, Barry Oakley (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1970)
Let’s Hear It for Prendergast, Barry Oakley (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1970)
Hal Porter: Selected Stories ed. Leonie Kramer (Brisbane Courier-Mail)
Peter’s Pence, Jon Cleary (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1974)
The Stories of Henry Lawson, ed. Cecil Mann (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1964)
The Transit of Venus, Shirley Hazzard (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1980)
People in Glass Houses, Shirley Hazzard (Brisbane Courier-Mail, 1967)
Henry Lawson: Collected Verse, Vol.2, ed. Colin Roderick (Brisbane
Courier-Mail, 1968)
The Wells of Beersheba, Frank Dalby Davison (Brisbane Courier-Mail)